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Do You Need Prototype Engineering Services?

If you’ve been looking for prototype engineering services, then you’ve found the answer with us. We are Romark Engineering, your experts in delivering high-quality prototype engineering services. Whatever your prototype engineering services requirements, we will use our expertise to fulfil your needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote on any of our prototype engineering services.

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    Romark Engineering


    Romark Engineering


    Romark Engineering


    The Latest Technology

    Our experienced engineers, combined with the latest technology and machining in Essex mean that we offer a range of bespoke prototype engineering services. Our highly skilled workforce manufacture and design prototype engineering services. We also outsource a range of services including powder coating, wet spray, electroplating, galvanising, and laser cutting 2D and 3D.

    CAD & CNC Machining For Prototype Engineering Services

    Using market-leading systems such as Solid works, Auto cad, Rhino3D & One CNC CAM Software, we deliver quality prototype engineering services. We create prototype engineering fabrication using our advanced CAD machining. From one-off projects to full production runs of CNC machined components, our prototype engineering services are second to none. We also offer 2D and 3D CAD services, from reverse engineering projects to producing drawings for manufacture.

    Sheet Metal Fabrication, Milling, Turning& Welding For Prototype Engineering Services

    We provide prototype engineering services for the automotive, power and architectural industries. Our highly skilled team offersproto type engineering services and pressed parts for production runs. Wherever possible, CAD software is used to for our prototype engineering services alongside high-performance tools and equipment designed by our engineers.

    • Amada LC Alpha IV 4Kw CO2 Laser
    • XYZ 710 CNC Machining Centre
    • Trumpf Trushear 3000mm 6mm Guillotine
    • Bridgeport Mill With D.R.O
    • Harrison M300 600mm Lathe With D.R.O
    • Bianco Vertical Semi-Automatic 300mm Band Saw
    • Arboga Linisher 2000mm X 150mm Belt
    • Arboga Linisher 2000mm X 50mm Belt
    • 2 Medding Pillar Drill
    • 6 Tig Welders AC/DC
    • 6 Mig Melders For Steel, Alu & Stainless
    • Hypetherm Hand Plasma Cutter
    • Aqua Blasting Cabinet
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    Folding & Pressing Machining in Essex

    Metal folding is the process of using machineryto bend and shape sheet metalwork. Pressing (or stamping) is the creation of a shape in metal. Punching, blanking, bending, coining, embossing, and flanging are all used for our prototype engineering services.

    • Amada 220-4 7 Axis 4000mm CNC Press Brake
    • Amada 100-3 7 Axis 3m 100ton CNC Press Brake
    • Sheet & Plate Power Rollers Up To 6mm Steel
    • Ward Forsyth 50ton Electro Hydraulic C Frame Deep Draw Press

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    We Fabricate and Supply…

    Complex Facades | Balconies | Architectural Canopies Barriers & Bollards | Balustrades

    Cladding & Screening Modular | Disabled Access Ramps & Handrails | Metal Stairways

    Steel Gate and Fencing | Brackets & Supports Pipework | Structural & Architectural Steelwork

    Gates (Inc automated), Posts, Railings & Window Grills | Security Door & Window Grills

    Fire Escape Stairways & Roof Ladders Fabricated | Special Gutter & Drainage Systems Fabricated

    Stainless Steel Splashbacks, Worktops, Doors & Panels | One-offs & prototypes | And more!

    With a team of highly experienced engineers, we offer fully comprehensive prototype engineering services. From prototype engineering services to production and pre-production runs for a wide range of industries, we can do it all. Contact us for a quote for prototype engineering services today!

    prototype engineering

    What are the benefits of prototype engineering services?

    Accuracy & Zero Defects

    Our prototype engineering services are designed to complete work to precise specifications with zero defects. This means that our prototype engineering services deliver accuracy every single time.


    Our prototype engineering services allow for design development, alteration and optimisation for a range of parts and components. From prototype engineering services as well as parts for production and pre-production runs, we can do it all.


    Our prototype engineering services can be undertaken quickly to match increased demands. Additionally, our prototype engineering services can run24 hours a day, seven days a week without needing a break.


    Using One CNC CAD-CAM, a market leader programming system, we deliver high quality, tight tolerances and improved efficiency. You can trust that your products are in safe hands with our prototype engineering services.


    Our prototype engineering services are highly cost-effective. As the machinery is so accurate, waste is kept to a minimum and no raw materials will be thrown away. This means that you will save money every time you come to us.

    Call Us For A Free Quote – 01375 673 447

    Why work with us?

    Romark Engineering

    Years of Experience

    Our team of specialist engineers have years of experience delivering prototype engineering services. Whatever your requirements, we use our expertise to fulfil your requirements every time.

    Romark Engineering

    Customer Satisfaction

    We work to critical deadlines and tight tolerance where a high-quality finished project is key. We are focused on your satisfaction and offer a complete service for the design and manufacture of a large range of metal products.

    Romark Engineering

    Range of Services

    Manufacturing for both one-off and production volumes for the automotive, power and architectural industries, our highly skilled workforce produces prototype parts and pressed parts for production runs.

    If you’re looking for professional, precise& cost-effective prototype engineering services, get in touch with us today for a quote!