Machining Essex

Precision Machining and CAD/CAM

Romark can create from CAD designed one-offs, to full production runs of CNC machined components. We can also design and produce CNC machined tooling tailored to your specific requirements and needs and offer 2D and 3D CAD service for various uses, from reverse engineering projects to producing drawings for manufacture. Using OneCNC CAD CAM, a market leader programming system, we can offer our clients high quality, tight tolerances and improved efficiency.

Although sophisticated computer controlled machinery can cope with most tasks we are also able to manufacture using more manual methods. We believe that the ability to produce components in a “traditional” way is a very important skill. This is why all our apprentices are first trained in these skills which give them a strong foundation before progressing to more modern machinery techniques. So from machining components to press tooling we can fulfil our customer requirements to a very high standard.

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